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Welcome to New Buffalo Rod & Gun Club!


Established in 1937, the New Buffalo Rod and Gun Club (NBRGC) is a beautiful facility located on the Galien River in the harbor country of Southwestern Michigan.

NBRGC hosts many activities for its members and guests; IDPA matches, trap, 3D archery, firearms safety and environmental awareness seminars, basic marksmanship, self-defense, and gun handling classes, sportsmen-hunting swap meets, and social functions.

NON-MEMBERS are welcome to attend all upcoming events!

NBRGC Event calendar    How to Become A Member

General Range and Safety Rules     NBRGC Aerial Videos

Request Membership by E-mail or Call (269) 469-5990


Club Access: Members & their Guests

Monday - Sunday

Shooting Ranges: 9:00a - 8:00p or DUSK* (EST)

* Whichever comes first



(269) 469-5990


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NBRGC become affiliated with the IDPA in 2003, and runs an active IDPA program with matches scheduled 12 months a year, weather permitting. In addition to the monthly matches, the club holds periodic back up gun, classifier, tactical shotgun, and three (3) -gun matches.

Facilities include 6 shooting bays available for the matches. Monthly matches normally consist of 6 to 7 courses of fire with a round count of 85 to 100.

We have various props for use in the matches including the only permanent mover in the area, charging target, swingers, drop turners, poppers, clam shells, and drop outs which add to the variety of our matches. The result is a challenging match that will test the skills of the experience shooter but one that can also be enjoyed by people of all levels of experience. New shooters are always welcome

All matches are run according to the rules of the latest IDPA Rulebook.

New Buffalo Rod & Gun Club, 10487 Kruger Rd, New Buffalo, MI 49117